BIRKAR and Ruhi Construction Collaborate for International Growth

Ruhi Construction

BIRKAR and Ruhi Construction Collaborate for International Growth

BIRKAR and Ruhi Construction Collaborate for International Growth

BIRKAR: A Brief Overview:

BIRKAR stands as a distinguished player in the Turkish transportation sector, specializing in the movement of goods between Turkey and California’s Orange County. With a robust network and a reputation for reliable and efficient transport services, the company has carved a niche for itself in cross-border trade.

Ruhi Construction

Ruhi Construction’s Endeavors:

Ruhi Construction, operating in the vibrant landscape of California’s Orange County, is known for its commitment to excellence in construction services. Their diverse portfolio includes a range of projects, with a focus on kitchen and bathroom remodeling. By delivering high-quality services, Ruhi Construction has garnered a loyal clientele in the local market. To further broaden their horizons, the company has initiated a collaboration with BIRKAR to explore international opportunities.

Collaboration Details:

The collaboration between BIRKAR and Ruhi Construction is rooted in the mutual benefits each entity brings to the table. Ruhi Construction gains access to BIRKAR’s well-established logistics network, which ensures the smooth and efficient transportation of its construction products to Turkey. This partnership not only enhances Ruhi Construction’s global presence but also facilitates the exchange of innovative construction practices between continents.

Product Line:

Ruhi Construction’s product offerings encompass a range of services, with a focus on two key areas:

1. Kitchen Remodeling:

With a keen eye for design and functionality, Ruhi Construction excels in transforming kitchens into modern, efficient spaces. Their expertise spans from layout optimization to the selection of high-quality materials, resulting in tailored solutions that meet clients’ unique preferences.

2. Bathroom Remodeling:

Ruhi Construction’s proficiency extends to bathroom renovations, where they combine aesthetics with practicality. Their comprehensive approach covers everything from plumbing and fixtures to elegant finishes, creating rejuvenating spaces that resonate with clients.


The collaboration between BIRKAR and Ruhi Construction serves as a testament to the power of cross-border partnerships in today’s interconnected world. As Ruhi Construction’s products find their way to Turkey through BIRKAR’s logistical prowess, the construction company not only expands its horizons but also contributes to the exchange of skills and ideas between regions. This collaboration stands as a model for other enterprises seeking to tap into international markets through strategic collaborations and leveraging each other’s strengths.