Jamdis Patio Covers and BIRKAR’s Collaborative Journey

Jamdis Patio Covers and BIRKAR’s Collaborative Journey

Jamdis Patio Covers and BIRKAR’s Collaborative Journey

Jamdis Patio Covers and BIRKAR’s Collaborative Journey – BIRKAR Company, based in Turkey, is renowned for its transportation services between Turkey and Vancouver. Through their exceptional product line, BIRKAR contributes significantly to the industry. One of their notable partnerships is with Jamdis Patio Covers, a company that specializes in providing top-notch outdoor living solutions.

Among the range of products offered by BIRKAR, Jamdis Patio Covers in Vancouver stands out as a prominent offering. Their comprehensive product collection includes a variety of services tailored to meet diverse customer needs. These services encompass:

Retractable Patio Cover

Retractable Patio Cover

Patio Covers:

Jamdis Patio Covers provides an array of patio cover solutions designed to enhance outdoor spaces. These covers offer protection from the elements while adding elegance and functionality to any setting.

Retractable Patio Cover:

This innovative feature allows users to adapt their outdoor environment to changing weather conditions. The retractable patio cover offers flexibility and convenience, ensuring that outdoor gatherings remain comfortable regardless of the weather.


Jamdis Patio Covers also offers pergolas, creating stylish and shaded areas perfect for relaxation and entertainment. These structures combine aesthetics with utility, making them an attractive addition to any outdoor space.

Glass Railing:

The company’s glass railing solutions provide safety without compromising the view. Whether for residential or commercial spaces, these railings offer a sleek and modern design while ensuring security.

Glass Patio Covers:

Adding a touch of modernity, glass patio covers allow natural light to shine through while shielding outdoor spaces from rain and other elements. This balance between aesthetics and functionality characterizes the commitment to quality exemplified by Jamdis Patio Covers.

Retractable Glass Walls:

Jamdis Patio Covers introduces an ingenious solution with retractable glass walls. These walls offer the flexibility to enclose or open up spaces as needed, allowing seamless indoor-outdoor transitions.

Retractable Awnings:

Complementing the outdoor experience, retractable awnings provide shade and comfort. Whether for residential or commercial properties, these awnings are engineered to deliver both style and practicality.

The collaboration between BIRKAR and Jamdis Patio Covers Vancouver exemplifies the dedication to delivering high-quality outdoor living solutions. Through their partnership, customers can access a diverse range of products that enhance the functionality and aesthetics of their outdoor spaces. This strategic alliance brings together the expertise of BIRKAR in transportation services and the innovation of Jamdis Patio Covers, resulting in a synergy that benefits customers in Turkey and Vancouver alike.


Useful Patio covers to protect buses from snow or rain

Export and cooperation with Canada

Birkar has a new contract with Jamdis Patio Covers and LH Patio Covers Company in Vancouver, Canada for the transfer and export of equipment

This contract includes the transfer of materials used in the new patio cover. These Patio covers are also useful for covering buses in parking lots.

Many parking lots use Patio Cover to protect buses from snow or rain. Covers are used in many passenger terminals. It is also used in many homes for small cars